Final Paper Submission

Step 1

Revise your paper for final submission based on reviewers' comments and suggestions. Download and strictly follow the paper template in Word, PDF, and LaTeX, to prepare your final paper PDF file. Download the final paper format instruction and IEEE PDF file preparation guide for your reference. Please make sure that the similarity check scan score of your paper is below 25% to ensure the submission of your paper in the IEEE Xplore digital library and EI Index.

Step 2

Generate final paper PDF file and check compliance using the IEEE PDF eXpress service (please save the confirmation file and you need to submit it with your final paper). Download the IEEE PDF eXpress Guide for Authors for your reference.

Step 3

Download the single-page paper digest PPT template and follow it strictly to prepare a single-page digest PPT file of your paper to be uploaded.

Step 4

Go to the conference registration page and register your paper with payment and keep your payment proof to be submitted.

Step 5
Download the final paper submission instruction for your reference. Go to the Robio 2019 final paper submission website given below. Complete the on-line paper submission information strictly following the following instruction:

  • The first letter of each word in your paper title must be in capital letter;

  • The first letter in the last and first names of all authors must be in capital letters;

  • Spell out the last and first names and do not use abbreviations in all author names; and

  • Fill in completely all the required information for each author when submit your paper.

and then make submission of your final paper PDF file and other required files. Complete the on-line IEEE Copyright form and click the button to complete your submission. 

Conference Final Paper Submission Website:

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